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Sometimes our fears of what a new experience may look like prevents us from taking that first step. If we only knew how amazing the view will be from the top of the mountain we might be more willing to experience the challenge of the hike to the top. Sometimes the hike itself can be as rewarding as the view. Pursuing therapy can be a similar process. You may have concerns about yourself or another family member but you’re hesitant to seek help. You may feel that you are going to be judged, misunderstood or worse yet – labeled. Let me put some of these concerns to rest.

Prior to our first meeting I will connect you to my secure patient portal where you will complete a document that will provide me with some basic information about the family member that you are most concerned about. This may be yourself or it may be a child. I will be able to review this information prior to your appointment. When we meet in person, I will sit with you and your family and we will talk about your concerns. We will get to know one another and explore the challenges that you face. Together we will come up with a plan to address your concerns and start on our journey together.

Please know that I view my clients as the experts in their lives. My job is to work with you. I will seek to understand your perspective, guide you, and sometimes challenge you to expand your skills. The goal is for you to have better understanding and greater flexibility within your relationships.

As with any journey, there will be challenges and rewards along the way – creeks to cross, boulders to climb, mud and dirt to brush off or enjoy – but at the end of the journey we can appreciate the view and treasure those opportunities that brought us to the a new level of understanding and filled our backpack with tools.

Our success together will be determined by our relationship. Building this relationship is where we will start. If you can take that first step, I will walk the rest of the way with you. If you feel that we are walking in the wrong direction, I encourage you to speak up. Whether you work with me or another professional your voice and concerns should always be heard. You and your family members should always be viewed as active participants in the process. After all, what’s the point of reaching the summit if no one else is there to enjoy it with you!

Remember, your active participation is important and if you feel that our therapeutic relationship is not a good fit you can terminate services at anytime. For more information about clients rights and responsibilities please refer to: https://www.nbcc.org/Assets/Ethics/NBCC_CSI-Booklet.pdf. I look forward to the places that we will go together.

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